So 2021 has started with a bang!

Well that is what we had all wanted, when in reality it has started a little bit like a limp balloon. As 2020 drew to end, a year that for many of us was one of the toughest we have faced, we all hoped for brighter days ahead. Instead we got more lockdowns and many grey and wet days, but then in what felt like a lifetime but also a blink of an eye, February arrived and brought with it bright white flurries of snow!

The beast from the east 2 has brought snow drifts and snow so deep that wellies have been left drying by radiators from the thick wedges of snow that have tipped over the top of them.

Fresh snow

Getting outside has been a relief to me and to many during these times. I am ever so grateful and lucky that my work on a nature reserve allows me to travel twice a week to spend time in nature.

Lackford lakes is a beautiful wetland reserve that is home to a variety of wildfowl and many other types of animals. It also has some spectacular sunsets especially during the winter months. One of my favourite times of day is when the sun is setting and the reserve is crisp and cold and nobody else is around.

Sunset at Lackford

New years and new year resolutions go hand in hand but for me I want to set myself goals instead of trying to change bad habits which never change!

My three goals are as follows:

  1. Keep my blog updated weekly
  2. Start a vlog – having something to focus on and keep me busy
  3. Get outdoors every day – Even if it is just a quick walk

These goals lead me on to my new project. I have always found talking easier than writing and part of my job is doing the vlog and stories for our reserves Instagram. This has given me the confidence ( as well as a nudge from my younger sister) to start vlogging on my new YouTube channel Sophielyse. The vlog is really a daily life vlog with links to my photography and thoughts as well as just my life in general. I’ll be talking about being a pandemic bride as well as life in lockdown, mental health and the thoughts behind my photos. So if you want to also hear me babbling on there as well make sure you subscribe and keep an eye out for new videos every tuesday!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to checking in next week!

Much love



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