The small things in life.

This week I thought I would talk to you about Macro Photography!

First of all I am sorry this blog is a day late. It has been a hectic week as I have been re-organising my wedding for the 3rd time due to the pandemic. It was actually during this week that I thought of the title for this blog. You see re-organising an entire wedding in 1 week is quite an accomplishment but it was the small wins every time we heard a ping on an email and that a supplier could move to our new date that kept us going.

Macro photography is all about detail. It is taking something small and making it greater in the picture than it is in real life. It is often done with plants and insects but you can apply this type of photography to many subjects. For me I don’t get bogged down in the technicalities, instead I use my macro lens and I look for opportunities that I think would make a great and often unique photo.

Plants are an obvious choice for macro, mainly because they stay exactly where you want them to and this makes it a much easier job!

I also like the way that macro photography can take something so simple like a blade of grass and transform it to being something so intricate and beautiful. This photo is actually one of my more recent macro pictures and one where I had learnt how to use Lightroom to black out the background as well as being technically better with the lens.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and that if you take anything away from this, it is that sometimes you just need to celebrate the small things in life…



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