My First Blog post!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

If you have stumbled across me I hope you enjoy taking a look around my site and if you know me hopefully your still reading! is something I am super proud to of created with the amazing help of conical sphere and my father but this post is really about why i love holding a camera in my hands…

Photography is something I have always enjoyed and I love the way a photo can cause a thousand memories and emotions. Pictures can be enjoyed by anyone of any language because there is no barrier when it comes to a photo. Photos can cause you to smile, laugh or even cry and they become a conversation starter in a home.


It occurred to me earlier this year that I had many photos I had taken but never displayed in my home! Homes are so personal and each room is often well thought out and designed. A picture of a memory or a piece of art work really is what brings it all together. Yet I had all these amazing moments captured but not displayed, instead they were left to be forgotten about as they faded from memory. Earlier this year I decided to go back through these photos and I created a gallery wall of some of my favourite shots. It was this that then inspired me during furlough to pick the camera back up and start to showcase a little of what I enjoy and ultimately led to this website.

Sunset on Orwell

I wouldn’t say that I have developed my own particular style yet and maybe it is something that will happen naturally down the line. For now the things I enjoy the most are those moments through the lens that really stand out. I love for example a great landscape and I feel most at home when outdoors but equally I love taking photos friends and family that capture a day otherwise a distant memory. During a year like 2020 i think these moments are even more special to capture although perhaps harder?

Wedding bliss “2017”

2020 has been a strange year and this website wasn’t something I had even considered at the beginning of it! This time however to stop and pause, has given me time to reflect on what I enjoy and ultimately I enjoy doing what I am doing right now and if someone else enjoys my work too then spreading a little joy can’t be a bad thing , right?

I’m sure as this blog goes on you will be able to learn a little more about me but for now i’m signing off and I hope that maybe you might just be curious enough to come back again!

Sophielyse XX

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