540 miles or 869 Km is a city paved with silver and where the streets run black with oil. Aberdeen is a city like no other. A city where rock meets the sea and the people greet you with hullo and fit like?

The magic of Aberdeen however, truly lies in its geographical position. You can go from the coast to the mountains in under an hour. The Cairngorms national park is a mountain range that spans 1,107km2 and has a highest elevation of 1,309 metres. It contains a quarter of the rare and endangered species in the UK and it is pretty stunning.

I was lucky enough to live in Aberdeen for just over 4 years and was able to visit the cairngorms many times. The geology of the landscape makes for sweeping roads and vast valleys. As you drive through these areas you can’t help but peer off in the distance longing for a stag to suddenly appear on the crest of a mountain.

A month ago we were lucky enough to be able to visit again this time with family. We drove through the Cairngorms twice and visited Loch Morlich and the Cairngorms visitor centre and we also had a walk around Glen Muick.

Loch Morclich was my favourite location. Anywhere where you can feel the sand between your toes and the clouds touch the mountains is a pretty good location to me. We were particularly lucky that although it was chilly the clouds made for some amazing photography. The place was deserted, however in the summer months I am sure the beaches would be packed with kayakers and jet skiers.

Loch Morlich
Glen Muick
Cairngorms national park

Overall, this area of the UK is beautiful and if you ever get a chance to visit Scotland then the Cairngorms is a wonderful place to visit.

I for one find that whenever I leave my hearts is always in the deen.

P.s – If you wondered why I called this Alba it is the Scots Gaelic word for Scotland <3



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